Wall painting ideas – How to paint a room or wall and make it last longer

Painting a room is a popular interest for beginners as well as for professional renovators. It is one of the painless and relatively inexpensive ways to give your room or wall a new, fresh look.

But it is important to have a strategy before you get started. Read on to learn the simple, accurate steps on how to paint a wall and make it last longer to make your project a success.

How do you prepare a wall for painting?

Paint a room that last longer
Wall Painting Ideas

Preparation is the key to achieving a smooth, seamless finish. Follow these 5 simple steps:

+ Remove all wall fittings or accessories like knobs, outlet covers, and thermostats.

+ Clear your work area of all furniture or belongings to prevent obstructions while painting.

+ Stretch out a drop cloth or plastic tarp to help catch spills and splatters once you begin working.

+ Gently clean the wall surface using a wet, clean cloth or sponge, with warm water and a mild liquid detergent to clear out any dust on the surface.

+ Mask adjacent surfaces with painter’s tape. Roll the primer onto the wall evenly as a base coat from floor to ceiling.

After preparing the wall, thewall paintingprocess begins:

  1. Choose the right type of paint and color

This is an important step. For Instance, for an interior wall, you might want to have a flat, or eggshell finish whereas, for the exterior, mainly oil-based paints are used.

颜色是第二考虑。你想要一场战争吗m or cool shade? A neutral or a saturated shade? For example, pastels can be used to brighten up the living room, while warm neutrals or vibrant hues are used for bedrooms.

In contrast, you can consider interestingWall Painting Design Ideaslike:

  • Ombre Walls
  • Vertical Stripes
  • Patterned
  • Chalkboard wall

  1. Select your tools and materials

Depending on the paint you choose and the state of your walls you may need various tools but there are a few must-haves.

  • Paint
  • Paint roller
  • Sandpaper
  • Paintbrushes
  • Paint tray
  • Putty knife

  1. Stock up on enough paint

Having enough paint to complete the entire project efficiently is a must.

  1. Mix your paint thoroughly

Next, mix the paint very well for even consistency. Dip the tip of your paintbrush about 2 inches into the paint, allowing the excess to drip off. Begin painting at the trim and then towards the center depending on the look or design you desire.

Why painting fails and doesn’t last long

Many people begin painting very confidently but fail towards the end. Some factors on why wall painting fails, and fades are:

  • Running out of paint during the project
  • Choosing the wrong type of paint
  • Buying adulterated or poor-quality paint
  • Failure to surface preparation
  • Not taking sunlight into account

Furthermore, below are a few FAQs to help you understand further.

Can I just paint over old paint?

Yes, you can. However, there are instances where you’ll have to do some preparation for the existing paint such as dull it down if it is too glossy. But first, prime the wall to create a barrier between the new and old paint.

Is it okay to paint over dirty walls?

You can paint over a dusty surface, chipping, and flaking, but your handiwork won’t stick on overtime. For new paint to stick, your interior or exterior surface needs to be clean and dust-free which can interfere with the ability of your paint to adhere to walls, trim, and ceilings.

How to make your Wall paint last longer?

这里有一些建议关于如何做的your time and effort, giving your walls an irresistible look to the eye:

  • Remove damaged paint
  • Clean your surface before painting
  • Use proper painting tools and techniques
  • Apply paint the right way

TOP TIPonhow to paint a room or wall and make it last longer:Make sure your space is well ventilated during and after painting.


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