How to choose the best POP Screeding Paint for building in Nigeria

A finishing given to a building’s surfaces defines its appearance. Nowadays, this can be achieved by one of the most popular techniques of POP Wall Screeding used everywhere in Nigeria.

What is POP Screeding?

Screeding refers to any action of smoothing out a pliable material into a flat layer. For instance, POP (Plaster of Paris)- a white powder made from gypsum that is used for giving finishing texture/coats to the walls or surfaces, and as well giving shapes to any structure.

Why POP screeding is necessary?

POP Wall Screeding will make your smooth, give your wall a beautiful look when painted. Since it is done as part of the painting process, it corrects all the errors or flaws on the wall surface such as wall cracks or uneven surfaces. This helps to achieve 100% smoothness.

POP Screeding Materials: How to mix POP Screeding PAINT Materials?

POP is heated at high temperatures then crushed to form a white powdery substance. Once done, it is then modulated for wall screeding where it is mixed with a certain ratio of Top bond (PVA) and the lowest quality of the standard emulsion.

To begin with, follow these easy steps to mix POP Screeding Materials:

+ Make sure you have all the materials- POP cement, bucket, water

+ Mix approximately 1 lb. of plaster of Paris with 6 oz. of cool water in a bucket or other large container until it becomes a smooth paste. Be sure to mix it thoroughly then let it rest for about one minute.

+ Mix again for about one minute, adding enough water until you get the consistency you desire. Only mix up what you will need because it hardens quickly.

TIP:The longer it is stirred, the better the mixture.

Once the fine POP Screeding Paint is mixed, you can use a long flat board and a scraper to apply the screeding bond against a pliable surface to smoothen it. Screeding can be done on any surface, not only on walls but floors or any uneven surface to level it up before painting.

Benefits of POP Screeding before painting

POP Wall Screeding has several benefits:

  • 内墙和P的提供了一种简便的解决方案uniness surface
  • Ensures a smooth surface and high-quality appearance for interior walls
  • More comfortability to the painter when painting
  • Prevention of insects penetrating the wall
  • 减少空调的速度是瞧st from an internal room to the external wall so the wall maintains a cold temperature for long

How much does it cost to screed a room?

The demand for POP Wall Screeding in Nigeria is very high today. The prices vary according to how much area is to be screeded. For instance,

Area to be screeded Price Ranges per square meter
Indoor and Outdoor wall screedings ₦ 500 – ₦ 800
Indoor and Outdoor wall screedings + POP Ceiling (simple design) ₦ 3,500 – ₦ 5,500
Indoor and Outdoor wall screedings + POP Ceiling (moderate design) Approximately ₦ 18,000
Indoor and Outdoor wall screedings + POP Ceiling (luxury POP Design) ₦ 28,500 – ₦ 30,000

How to choose the best POP screeding paint for your building project in Nigeria?

Some factors to consider when choosing the best POP Wall Screeding Paint include:

  • Durability
  • Strength of the paint
  • Binding properties of the paint
  • Heat and humidity tolerance
  • Suitable for wide coverage
  • Suitable drying time
  • Location of holes and wall cracks
  • Levels and flatness of the wall

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